Build your workout playground !

  • Design work, custom development and design
     using the latest technologies,
    materials and components.
  • Variability, combinations and adding elements
    according to customer requirements.
  • Our goal is to offer you a complete service,
    Service to build your
    workout multipurpose playground.
  • Individual approach, professional solutions
    customer needs, customer service,
    we can in a very short time to respond.



workout model home

  • Proposal

  • Production

  • Construction

  • Service

Workout playground in the original concept! !

Design and engineering - managing the delivery of our solutions.

Reference workout

The focus of our workout is designed for a wide range of customers. Workout playground build in urban areas, housing estates, in children's parks, and last but not least, our workout become part of the gardens of houses. The sport activities have recently been gaining more and more candidates.

We sponsor

Benefits for veterans

Association Vlčí máky

Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts

Realize workout playgrounds with us! !

Who we are ?

LLAMARO Ltd. It is a young dynamically developing and operating company . The company provides a wide range of services and its core business involves a number of activities.


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